Friends of the Special Collections

Friends are great supporters of the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam. Friends can be researchers, book-lovers, UvA staff, collectors, or simply interested citizens. They can be students, alumni, or eternal students at the university of life. The Friends’ association of the University of Amsterdam is one of the oldest friends’ associations in the Netherlands.


'Bauernband', acquired in 2012, thanks to our Friends.

Friends form a close community with the Special Collections. Depending on whether a subject appeals to them, they can attend the opening of exhibitions. Special activities are regularly organised for Friends, such as lectures, tours and workshops. Friends enjoy discounts on certain publications and receive a discount in the Museum Café.

Last but not least, the Friends contribute to the UvA’s book collection. Their donations are saved up, and these savings are regularly used to purchase rare books or manuscripts that the UvA could not otherwise cover with its own funds. Sometimes this is done in coalition with other public, semi-public or private funds. In short, Friends give; Friends give Friends’ gifts.

De Binnenamstel, in de oudst bekende Nederlandse kleurendruk, 1697.

Toonneel der voornaamste Nederlandse huizen en lusthoven, naar ’t leven afgebeeld in 55. kopere platen. Amsterdam [1697]. Acquired in 2005, thanks to our Friends.

Would you like to become a Friend?

It’s easy to become a friend, by making an annual donation. The minimum donation for a Friend of the Special Collections is €35 per year. With this, you are assured of invitations for exhibition openings and free access to exhibitions and Friends’ meetings. And if you transfer the sum of €70 to us, you qualify as a Good Friend and also have a right to a University Library card.

To complete our Friends’ programme, we also have Corporate Friends (€350), Friends for Life (five-yearly donations of €350 per notarial deed) and Student Friends (€17.50).

As a welcome gift, you’ll receive a free copy of The Prison of Weltevreden, a publication by Garrelt Verhoeven on Boudewijn Büch and his quest to find the curious travel journal by Walter Murray Gibson. You can apply via the link below.

Would you like to find out more? Then please email us. The Society of Friends of the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam is an organisation with ANBI status, meaning that your donations to the Friends are tax-deductible.

Published by  Special Collections UvA

4 July 2014