Irma Boom: The Architecture of the Book

19 September 2013

Lecturis publishing house and The Special Collections department of the University of Amsterdam are publishing a revised and updated reprint of the Irma Boom monograph in two formats: a miniature book and an XXL edition.

Irma Boom (1960) is a graphic designer specialising in book design. In 2010, The New York Times described her as ‘probably the finest book designer of our time’. The comment was prompted by the publication in that year of a miniature book featuring an overview of her book designs. This monograph quickly sold out and gained an almost legendary status.

In partnership with the University of Amsterdam’s Special Collections, Lecturis is now publishing a significantly revised and updated reprint of this work. Two different formats are being printed, containing identical content: a miniature book (41.4 x 54.0 mm) and an XXL edition, measuring 345 x 455 mm and weighing in at 7.5 kg. Both books (in English) have a stitched softcover binding and coloured edges and are packed in (different) boxes.

Irma Boom: The Architecture of the Book not only features books, but also corporate identity designs, postage stamps and posters. Thanks to its huge format, the XXL edition also shows what remains hidden in the miniature book, revealing the specific elements of the design. More than just the details alone, this shows an impressive range of individual, confident and consistently applied design choices. Both editions also include a specimen from a book recently designed for Chanel, the pages of which are blind embossed throughout. In the miniature book, the images consist of just a few points, in the XXL edition, there are hundreds.

This reissue is being timed to coincide with the exhibition Irma Boom: L’architecture du livre 2013–1986 at the Institut Néerlandais in Paris, from 17 September to 15 December.

Irma Boom, The Architecture of the Book

Irma Boom: The Architecture of the Book

  • English language, with a foreword by Rem Koolhaas, text by Mathieu Lommen and selected annotations and a statement by Irma Boom.
  • 800 pages
  • Printed in four-colour offset (plus hot-foil and blind embossing)
  • Premium stitched bound in faux leather cover, with coloured edging and dust jacket

Miniature book

  • € 27.50 excluding postage and packing
  • 41.4 x 54.0 mm, 55 g
  •  ISBN 978-94-6226-035-1

XXL edition

  • Limited edition: 150 numbered and signed copies
  • From 17 May to 15 October 2013: € 895 excluding postage and packing, then € 1,095 excluding postage and packing
  • 345 x 455 mm, over 7.5 kg
  • ISBN 978-94-6226-042-9

Available from:

  • The miniature book is also available in bookstores.