Mennonite prints

The print collection from the Doopsgezinde Bibliotheek (Mennonite Library) has been slowly growing to its present size since the eighteenth century. Aside from portraits of Mennonite preachers spanning five centuries – including a large collection of the only Dutch reformer, Menno Simons – the image database contains pictures of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and many historical figures from the history of the church in the Netherlands. The historical prints provide a picture of the earliest history of the Anabaptists, with the violent events of 1534/1535, as well as the atrocities to which the first Christians and – after the Reformation – the Mennonite martyrs were exposed. Architectural drawings of the buildings in which the Mennonites held their meetings, postcards and posters complete the image archive.

Published by  Special Collections UvA

2 July 2014