Iconographia Zoologica

The Iconographia Zoologica is a nineteenth-century collection of zoological images. It is kept in the Artis Library, which forms part of the Special Collections.

The Iconographia Zoologica was established when various collections in the library of the Zo├Âlogisch Genootschap Natura Artis Magistra (the Zoological Society Natura Artis Magistra) were merged between 1881 and 1883. The images were sorted systematically, in accordance with the classification of the animal kingdom that applied at that time. As a result, the state of zoological science at that time was captured for posterity. The Iconographia Zoologica draws its great cultural and scientific-historical value from its size and organisation.

In addition to drawings, the Iconographia Zoologica primarily contains prints, made using various printing techniques and often coloured by hand. The prints come from zoological publications from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Together, these prints and drawings form a unique paper database of more than 80,000 images. The Memory of the Netherlands archive includes a selection of around 20,000 images of mammals, birds and fish.

Published by  Special Collections UvA

3 July 2014