Frederik van Eeden

Frederik van Eeden (1860–1932) was a writer, psychiatrist and reformer. He combined literary talent and leadership ambitions with societal ideals. In addition, he had a longing for spiritual enlightenment.

Frederik van Eeden was a much talked of figure, with both devoted followers and fierce opponents. People still read his works nowadays, while both contemporaries and later generations drew inspiration from his plans and ideas.

Van Eeden’s life, works and personality are reflected both in his own publications and in the studies written about him. He is most significantly represented in the collection of the Frederik van Eeden-Genootschap (Frederik van Eeden Society), which is managed by the Special Collections. A selection has been made from this collection for the Memory of the Netherlands archive.

Portrait of Frederik van Eeden by Koos Speenhoff

Published by  Special Collections UvA

3 July 2014