Image databases

The image databases of the Special Collections show various objects such as paintings, prints, photographs and posters, as well as whole books. You can search either one specific collection or several collections simultaneously.

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  • Albert Verwey

    Albert Verwey (1865–1937) entered the literary stage as a spokesman for a revolutionary generation, and ultimately became a universally respected professor.

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  • Anatomical preparation by Frederik Ruysch. Head of a boy with raised skull. Saint Petersburg, Kunstkamera.

    Anatomical specimens of Frederik Ruysch

    In his day, the Dutch anatomist Frederik Ruysch (1638–1731) was celebrated throughout Europe for his anatomical specimens.

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  • Book illustration

    Engravings, etchings, lithographs, woodcuts and wood engravings: they can all be found in books.

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  • Books and manuscripts

    The Special Collections are home to the most diverse old and unique printed books and manuscripts.

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  • Botany

    Education and botany have been closely related for centuries, including in Amsterdam. In 1638, a Hortus Medicus with medicinal plants was founded in the city; it was later called the Hortus Botanicus. Aside from education, the plants were also ...

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  • City atlases

    City atlases, generally known as ‘stedenboeken’ (city books) in Dutch, comprise a separate genre. They consist, either largely or wholly, of city plans and cityscapes.

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  • Dirck Volkertszoon Coornhert

    In many of his publications, Dirck Volkertszoon Coornhert (1522–1590) devoted himself to promoting an extremely broad conception of freedom of belief.

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  • Gids voor het Bisschoppelijk Museum

    Dutch book production 1840–1950

    This image database focuses on books printed in the Netherlands between 1840 and 1950.

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  • Portrait of Frederik van Eeden by Koos Speenhoff

    Frederik van Eeden

    Frederik van Eeden (1860–1932) was a writer, psychiatrist and reformer. He combined literary talent and leadership ambitions with societal ideals. In addition, he had a longing for spiritual enlightenment.

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  • History of the University

    The University of Amsterdam manages a large historical collection on the history of higher education in Amsterdam, particularly in relation to the university itself.

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  • Iconographia Zoologica

    The Iconographia Zoologica is a nineteenth-century collection of zoological images. It is kept in the Artis Library, which forms part of the Special Collections.

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  • Letters

    As Cicero once said, ‘A letter does not blush’. While letters can be businesslike, they can also be extremely personal.

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  • Maps and atlases

    The image bank of the maps and atlases collection contains images and descriptions of important and notable cartographical documents in the possession of the Amsterdam University Library and the Library and Map Collection of the Koninklijk ...

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  • Menasseh Ben Israel

    Menasseh Ben Israel (1604–1657) was a Portuguese-Jewish scholar, writer, diplomat and book-printer in Amsterdam.

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  • Mennonite prints

    The print collection from the Doopsgezinde Bibliotheek (Mennonite Library) has been slowly growing to its present size since the eighteenth century. Aside from portraits of Mennonite preachers spanning five centuries – including a large ...

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  • Multatuli

    ‘Max Havelaar, or the Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company’ was published in May 1860. The book had an explosive impact and is now considered the high point of Dutch literature.

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  • Portrait collection of the University of Amsterdam

    The University of Amsterdam’s portrait collection was begun in 1743 and consists nowadays of almost 500 portraits.

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  • Posters

    The posters in the Special Collections form part of different collections. They include more than 3,500 booksellers’ posters, for example, most of which come from the Bibliotheek van het Boekenvak (the Library of the Book Trade), which includes ...

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  • Church

    Remonstrant prints

    The rarity of many of the prints in the library of the Amsterdam Remonstrant Church gives the collection great historical value.

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  • Romeyn de Hooghe

    Romeyn de Hooghe

    During his lifetime, Romeyn de Hooghe (Amsterdam 1645 – Haarlem 1708) was the most important graphic artist of his age.

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