Materials from the Special Collections can be digitized on the condition that no rights are violated by doing so, and that the condition of the materials allows it. You can order digital images of pre-1900 works via the request link in CataloguePlus.

Standard scans of flat materials cost €15 each, with a maximum of €150 per book. Digital images are always made in the TIFF format (300 dpi). Payment can be made via iDEAL or credit card. Tailor-made digitization is possible.

The delivery time for a single scan is fourteen days. The delivery time for digitizing a whole book in consultation.

Publishing digital images

Digital images may only be reproduced in publications on the conditions

  • that you make reference to the original source as follows: Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam, shelf mark;
  • and that you send a copy to the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam in case of a publication on paper.

Making photographs yourself

After permission you may make photographs yourself of materials from the Special Collections. You can ask permission by filling in a form in the Reading Room. The use of a flash and tripod is not allowed.

Making xeroxes and scans

There is a printer/copier in the Reading Room which you can use to make xeroxes and scans of reference works from the Reading Room, provided their condition allows it. There is also a reader-printer to print or scan microfilms and microfiches.

To make xeroxes or prints you need a pin code, which can be requested at the desk of the Reading Room. Xeroxes and prints cost €0.05 each. Scanning is free.


Works of literature, science and art are covered under copyright law until 70 years after the death of the author/creator. For publication of a reproduction from the Special Collections which is covered by copyright law, you need permission from the copyright holders. You must contact themyourself. The library is not responsible for any breaches of copyright.

Published by  Special Collections UvA

12 February 2018