The Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam and the Allard Pierson Museum together form the UvA Erfgoed (UvA Heritage) division.

UvA Erfgoed aan de Turfmarkt

The Allard Pierson Museum and the Special Collections at the Oude Turfmarkt


UvA Heritage also comprises the Operations, Management & Conservation and PR & Communication support departments.

UvA Heritage is a division of the Library of the University of Amsterdam, one of the collective service units within the university. UvA Heritage and the central library services collaborate closely with regard to cataloguing, warehouse management, digitisation and service.

In 2011 the Library of the University of Amsterdam merged with the Library of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. It has developed from a central library organization with study centres to a front office that also provides academic information services in addition to study facilities.

UvA Heritage is responsible for practically all of the university's heritage collections. The collections that fall outside the responsibility of the university are Museum Vrolik, the Zoological Museum and the collections (of art and otherwise) of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC). The recent agreements on intensive institutional collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have not yet resulted in additional responsibility for the heritage of the University of Applied Sciences.

  • dr. M. (Marike) van Roon

    Head Curator Special Collections | T: 0205253668

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Published by  Special Collections UvA

2 October 2017