Applications for loans

Museums, libraries and similar institutions can apply to the Special Collections for loans of objects for their exhibitions.

Linnaeus collection

Subject to specific conditions, the Special Collections are prepared to loan manuscripts, printed works, bindings, paintings, photographs and other objects to third parties for exhibitions. However, such applications will only be honoured if the exhibition in question serves a scientific and/or cultural objective and is held in a museum, library or similar institution.

The borrower will be required to comply with the standard loan conditions of the Special Collections and any specific loan conditions that may be imposed for individual items.

In general, loan applications relating to travelling exhibitions or exhibitions scheduled to last more than three months will not be honoured.

It is important to familiarise yourself with these standard loan conditions before submitting a loan application. Applications should be submitted as far in advance as possible and should include all of the information that is required, preferably six months prior to the intended starting date of the loan.

To enable your loan application to be processed more quickly, you are advised to select the objects yourself. This can be done by using the University of Amsterdam catalogue. The desk clerks at the Special Collections reference library will be happy to help if you require any further assistance regarding selection or research. They can arrange for contact with the curators with regard to specific questions.

Loan applications

Loan applications can be submitted in one of two ways:

  • By letter, addressed to drs. S.C.G.T. Scholten, Director UvA Heritage, PO Box 94436, NL - 1090 GK Amsterdam
  • By electronic loan application form

A written application should include answers to all the questions in the electronic loan application form. In submitting a loan application, the applicant confirms that he/she has read, understood and can comply with the current standard loan conditions as published on this website.

Only complete applications will be considered. The decision on whether the loan application will be honoured will be taken by the managing director of UvA Heritage.

Published by  Special Collections UvA

4 July 2014